The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

user guide

Table of Contents

1.0 Overview: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, p.3
2.0 Turning Off Your Device & Using the Device Options Menu, p. 3
3.0 Apps, p. 4
Index, p. 5

1.0 Overview: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

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Figure 1: Smartphone Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is equipped with an 8MP camera (1.9MP front­facing).

Your package should include:

2.0 Turning Off Your Device & Using the Device Options Menu

a. To turn off only your screen, tap the power button on the right side of your phone.
b. To access Device Options,​hold down the power button. A "Device Options" menu will appear (see Figure 2 on the next page).
i. To turn off or restart​your phone, tap "Power off" or "Restart." A new prompt will appear; tap "OK" or tap "Cancel" to cancel.
ii. To go into Airplane Mode​, tap on the "Airplane Mode" option. Select "OK" from the next prompt to complete the request or "Cancel" to cancel.
iii. To change to Mute, Vibrate or Sound mode​, tap on the corresponding options at the bottom of the menu.

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Figure 2: Device Options Menu

3.0 Apps

Your smartphone comes pre­equipped with various apps from your service provider, Google, and Android. Some apps need subscriptions to be accessed, which will prompt you upon opening, but most are free and pre­installed.

a. To view your apps, swipe to your main phone screen. Tap on the Apps icon on the bottom right side of your screen. Swipe right to view all apps in order.

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Figure 3: Smartphone Interface; Back & Side Views


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