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What is the Oxygen XML Editor?

The Oxygen XML Editor is an advanced XML tool in a group of three XML products, which also includes the XML Author and XML Developer. It is a cross­platform application, able to run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris. It supports XML editing and validation, all of the XML schema languages, and single source XML publishing.


How to Create an XML Record List with the Oxygen XML Editor v. 17 on Mac OS X 10.6.8

  1. To download the editor, go to: https://www.oxygenxml.com/download_oxygenxml_editor.html. Click on the red ‘Download’ button (the Mac OS X tab should already be highlighted since you are on a Mac).
  2. When the download process is complete, double click on the file to unzip it, and double click on the ‘oxygen’ folder. In the file list, double click on the Oxygen XML Editor icon to launch the application.
  3. Simultaneously hold down the ‘Command’ and ‘N’ keys. From the pop­up, under the 'New Document' folder, select 'XML Document' and click on the blue 'Create' button at the bottom right hand side. You will see a blank screen in the center of the interface, with a tab at the top that defines the document as ‘Untitled1.xml.’
  4. See the links under Reference ​for examples of valid XML files. In our case, our record list would make sense in the following format:
		<artist>Beach Boys</artist>
		<title>Pet Sounds</title>
		<artist>Doors, The</artist>
		<title>Strange Days</title>

...and so on. As you type your list, make sure to keep your tags consistent. 5. To save your list, click on the disk icon in the top menu. When the prompt appears, give your list a new file name, select the folder you want to save it to, and click 'Save.' To close the editor simultaneously hold down the Command and Q keys.


Examples of XML Files